Technical writing

writing documentation

Recognize this?

Writing documentation, where do you get started? How do you avoid excessive costs? Does anyone have the time to write documentation? Is anyone volunteering? Who has the skills and how long will it take? And how do you efficiently keep everything up to date?

The solutions

Involve our experienced writers. We help you:

  • To create new content
  • To structure existing content, convert it to DITA and optimize it for translation using our best practices including minimalism and the principles of structured authoring
  • To design illustrations
  • To design templates
  • To offer training and coaching
  • To automate documentation processes via scripting, e.g. with FrameScripts, ExtendScripts

In short, we “design” documentation for your product(s) or service(s), or we teach you how to get started yourself.

  • Yes, we ‘design’ because writing alone is not enough. We analyze, structure, illustrate and publish all content.
  • We map all the knowledge present in your company.
  • We refer to ‘documentation’ in the broadest sense of the term: product documentation, training and e-learning content, marketing materials, business documentation and rules, wikis and knowledgebase content, etc.
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