Structured authoring

To write clear, to-the-point text, you do not only need to think about what you want to say, but also about how you want to say it. And that is exactly what we want to teach you. Using simple guidelines and hands-on exercises, we will teach you the right reflexes, so you will become an efficient writer in no time.

During our Structured authoring training, you will learn to:

  • Analyse content. Who are you writing for? What do you really want to tell them? What would you like them to do? Thorough preparation is half the battle.
  • Structure content. How do you split content up into logical information blocks? What is a logical order for your content? How do you distinguish between what is relevant, and what is fluff? How can you make sure your audience understands what you are saying and, more importantly, remembers your message?
  • Present content. How do you use certain styles in a simple template to write text that your audience can easily scan and quickly read?

Structured authoring

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