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A few quotes from our customers:

The launch of Niko Home Control, Niko’s new electrical installation, required a crystal-clear and well-structured installation manual that included an explanation of all components and modules. Scripto turned out to be the perfect partner for this job, given their ample experience with DITA-structured authoring. This approach also resulted in a smooth translation process (in five languages).

In the end, we saved a considerable amount of time and the manual was ready for print on time. At Niko, all stakeholders were highly satisfied with the result.

Bart (Niko)


We asked Scripto to document all policies and procedures of the Agoria pension fund. The existing documentation was very sparse and knowledge was dispersed among several staff members of the HR department.

In close collaboration with our staff, Scripto systematically traced and documented every unwritten procedure.
We are very satisfied with the quality of the documentation and with the progress of the project in general.

Anne (Agoria)


We asked Scripto to rewrite part of the installation documentation for our Suite 12 release. The deadline was tight and the material complex, but Scripto delivered a well-structured, concise and accurate manual for our customers. Their technical writer worked onsite, which made communication with our developers more efficient. Overall, we were very pleased with the way Scripto handled this project.

David (Esko)


Yamagata Europe creates multilingual documentation that works, enabling our customers to deliver products and services around the globe.
Plain and simple, we write, edit, illustrate, translate and print manuals.

For structured writing we rely on Scripto to provide expert training, customised advice and hands-on technical writing. Their knowledge of FrameMaker is unsurpassed in Belgium and perhaps Europe.

Thomas (Yamagata Europe)


Since we are a design company, we have the tendency to think: what we do ourselves, we do better. But struggling with documentation for some years, we finally took the decision to get external help. The open minded sharing of their knowledge without any pressure regarding sales and their ease in explaining how you should handle documentation made our choice for Scripto easy.

As a first step we started with a workshop how we – and here comes the design company again – could write documentation. Everyone went home with the feeling we learned a lot and got the right luggage to do it ourselves.
Next day we realized writing documentation is not core business since no one of us stepped up and said: “I want to stop being an engineer and start writing manuals”.

So we rolled in the next step. Hiring a person to write the manual for us. Seamlessly the appointed person started working at our location, becoming one of our team members resulting in a finalized and well written manual.

Marijn (Permobil)

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