Knowledge retention

knowledge retentionRecognize this?

You have people with tons of experience in your team. These specialists advise their colleagues as much as possible, but their knowledge is never captured or shared in a structural way. As a result, your staff regularly spends time on problems for which someone else has already developed an adequate solution. And what happens when one of the experts retires or leaves the company? Do you just let him or her walk out the door with all that valuable knowhow?

The solution

Scripto helps you to keep knowledge inside your company and to make it accessible to everyone. We call it knowledge retention and we do it as follows:

  1. Analyzing the knowledge. We discuss which type of knowledge is crucial for your company and why you use that knowledge. We check where the knowledge is currently hiding and who should get access to it.
  2. Developing an action plan. We develop an action plan for the entire knowledge retention process. We determine:
    • How we will capture the knowledge. Do we interview the subject matter experts (SMEs)? Do we film them while they execute particular procedures?
    • How we will make the information available. Do we use PDFs, online help or a knowledge database? And where will we publish the documentation?
  3. Collecting information. We contact the SMEs and capture their hidden knowledge, using the method on which we agreed before.
  4. Structuring information. We chunck the gathered information up into logical information blocks, easily understandable to the target audience. We develop content models to do this and formalize these models in a custom-made template.
  5. Training your staff. We teach your staff how to retain knowledge themselves. They learn:
    • How to use the selected text editors, the chosen publication channels and the template that we have developed for you.
    • How to write in an efficient and structured way, according to widely acknowledged authoring standards.
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