Content audit

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How clear is your documentation? Can everyone quickly access the relevant information? And what about your support team or customer service: do they receive questions about issues that should be described in the documentation? Or maybe the information is already there, but hidden in a sea of words …

Is your technical documentation up to standards, such as ISO IEC 82079-1:2012, and does it comply with laws and directives, such as the  Machinery Directive? And how much do you spend each year on this inaccurate, incomplete or even nonexistent documentation?

The solutions

Join forces with Scripto to develop a content strategy for your documentation.

How can we make content more accessible? How can we streamline the process from content creation to publication?

A content audit provides the answers.

In addition, you will receive a fresh and objective look at the existing documentation and we come up with both short-term and long-term solutions in:

  • An audit report
  • A management presentation
  • A content improvement plan

These documents form the basis of your content strategy plan.

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