Scripto + TeKa = Flow

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A new name

Scripto and TeKa have officially become Flow. That’s twice as many employees with twice as much experience to assist you with:

writing documents
knowledge sharing
organizing complex information

And it doesn’t stop there. From March 2016 on, you can find us at..

A new address

Our brand-new offices can be found on the fifth floor of the Lieven Bauwens-building in Ghent, Belgium. Bright, spacious offices, overlooking the towers of Ghent. We’re delighted! Feel free to visit us:

Lieven Bauwens-building (5th floor), Martelaarslaan 43, 9000 Ghent

Our new website and e-mail

No time to drop by? That’s unfortunate, but luckily we created, where you can find news and information about our services. Our contact information will also be adjusted to the name, although we won’t get rid of the old domain any time soon. This to avoid problems.

New e-mail:
Phone (unchanged): +32 9 336 41 31.

See you soon!

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Scripto merges with TeKa

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Great news!

Scripto bvba and Teka bvba have merged on 15 September 2014. Great news, yes, and good news for our customers. They can count on twice the number of technical communicators, with experience in numerous industries. We will help our customers to share knowledge about ICT, engineering, manufacturing, consulting, service design, heavy industry, mobility, telecommunications, conservation (authorities), healthcare… Diverse? Yes, indeed, but all our activities share a common vision and common values, which was one reason for merging. And it is not the only one: our management team also reunites five former colleagues. Together, we will further shape our new company.

We will keep you informed!

Wim, Luc, Yves, Peter and Wouter

Thinking about moving to DITA? Start preparing now!

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If you are thinking about moving to DITA in the near or not too distant future, it’s never too early to get prepared. This is what you can do now already to make the transition go smoothly:

Learn the basics of DITA-structured authoring
Read some good books on DITA
Prepare your content for conversion
Participate in DITA user groups
Watch DITA webcasts
Bookmark and read the DITA specification (or parts of it)
Learn the XML basics

Learn the basics of DITA-structured authoring

Even if you’re not using a DITA XML editor yet, you can already get to know the DITA content models and structure your content accordingly, using DITA-styled Word documents. We teach DITA-structured authoring classes and we can help you to develop DITA-styled Word templates. The main advantage of these DITA-styled Word documents is that you can learn DITA and topic-based authoring without having to know XML. And … Read More »

Case study: fifthplay – 4 manuals for the price of 1

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Our customer fifthplay is an innovative Belgian company that develops and produces renewing technologies for smart energy management. For their private customers, fifthplay developed the Smart Energy box and the Smart Thermostat Touch, allowing you to operate your electronic devices and your heating system from home and away from home.

When fifthplay joined heads with the Dutch utility company DELTA to bring these products to Dutch customers, they decided it was time to thorougly update their existing documentation. And so they found us.

The expectations

A quick start guide and a more elaborate user guide in pdf format. One version using the fifthplay style, and another using the DELTA style.

The solution

We wrote everything according to the DITA principles, a topic-oriented xml standard to write and publish content. Say what? Below you can find a list of all benefits in non-techie speak.

Modular approach
Easy content reuse
Use of information filters
Cheaper … Read More »

DITA Tip: replace tags in oXygen XML Author

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Sometimes, you have a DITA topic in which someone applied the wrong tags (elements). Or you want to further improve the result of an automatic conversion by replacing all elements with the more semantic one, for example.

In oXygen XML Author, this is as easy as ABC because you can quickly replace all instances of an element in a topic, even with a shortcut. Here’s how:

DITA Tip: Publish in PDF

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Look how easy it can be to publish structured content in DITA format as a print-ready, professional quality PDF:

Our website: responsive and adaptive

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Three cheers for our new website. We have invested a lot of time and effort in creating this site and we are quite satisfied with the result. By the way, did you know that the entire website has been designed by applying the principles of “responsive web design” and that its content is “adaptive”? Responsive, adaptive … qué? Simply put, the site structure and content automatically adapt to the environment and to the device you are using to view our site: computer, tablet or smartphone.

A simple test? Check out our site on your own smartphone or just try the following:

1 Copy the URL of our site:
2 Go to
3 Paste the URL of our site in the text box and click Go.

4 Scroll down to get an idea of what our site looks like on various smartphones and tablets.

Impressed? … Read More »

DITA tip: oXygen Smart Paste

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A quick demo and tip of how easy it is to copy content from a Drupal site and paste it in oXygen XML Author as a valid DITA topic:

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