Adobe FrameMaker®

For years Adobe FrameMaker ® has been the reference in desktop publishing (DTP). It is a wysiwyg-editor that allows you to work with or without XML. You use it to design and keep documentation up-to-date.

  • Unstructured FrameMaker, for styles-based desktop publishing work
  • Structured FrameMaker, for editing XML documents
Unstructured FrameMaker®
  • Beginners: This course is aimed at anyone who has to write, update or edit documentation with Adobe FrameMaker. “Unstructured” is not a synonym of “chaotic” in this context; it just means that we don’t work with XML documents (yet). Nice bonus: during this training, technical writers learn the basic tricks of the “technical writing” trade.
  • Advanced: This is the logical continuation of the beginners course. In this course, we start from a blank page and we teach you how to design professional-quality FrameMaker templates.
Structured FrameMaker®

If you want to work with XML documents or learn DITA-based structured authoring and you know little about XML, an introduction to Structured FrameMaker is more than useful. This course will teach you the basic concepts of XML and Structured FrameMaker. You will be able to design valid structured XML documents, using a “structured application”.

Yves Barbion is an Adobe-Certified FrameMaker Instructor, your guarantee for training that meets the strict quality demands of Adobe.


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