Our methodology

Why Scripto is your strategic documentation partner?

The past 20 years, we have written diverse types of content including product documentation, standard operating procedures (SOPs), knowledge centers, newsletters, white papers, work instructions, etc. We gladly share with you every insight we have gained from this learning process. They are our best practices that we have incorporated into a workflow illustrating our modus operandi:

How we work:

  1. We collect the necessary input through:
    • Briefings and interviews
    • Source documents, such as technical or functional specifications, engineering documents
    • Training
    • Demos
    • Hands-on experiment with the product, the fun part of our job
  2. Together with the product expert(s), we make an analysis that corresponds with the type of documentation. For a task-oriented user manual for example, we look for answers to questions such as:
    • What tasks will the user perform with the product?
    • What knowledge is required?
  3. We start the writing process using:
    • International, standardized methods to structure documents, including DITA (Darwin Information Typing Architecture)
    • Relevant style guides
  4. We design modular and reusable information units (“topics”) which can contain text, tables, graphics and even animations.
  5. We combine the topics to a document type: online help, a product manual, a quick start guide, business processes, information for a knowledge database, but also marketing documents, commercial documents, etc.
  6. We publish the documentation in various formats:
    • PDF
    • XHTML
    • Online help, such as WebHelp, JavaHelp, …
    • Output suitable for laptops, tablets or smartphones
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