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We have integrated DITA (Darwin Information Typing Architecture) in our authoring and publishing process. We use the information model for virtually any documentation we write for our clients. And because we believe in the “practice what you preach” principle, we always use DITA for our internal business documentation.

But what exactly is that standard? And why would you use it?
You will find an answer to your questions here.

DITA who?

It is an innovative, science-based methodology to analyze, design (write or illustrate), organize, structure, publish and manage information.

It is a new way of working that is very suitable to:

  • Design uniform documentation with multiple (technical) authors and subject matter experts
  • Guide (technical) authors and subject matter experts to use the correct structure during the authoring process. Having doubts about the appropriate structure for your document is a problem of the past. DITA has a clear structure, built by an international group of experts with many years of experience (OASIS). All you have to do is determine which DITA parts apply to your documentation, which is where Scripto can help you.

DITA is a real open standard. This means that all files, source code and documentation of the architecture are free and accessible to everyone. In other words, you are no longer tied to one vendor. Many software vendors have DITA built in their product. This is convenient because you can switch from one vendor to another, without compromising the quality or exchangeability of your documentation.

DITA is used to write, structure and publish all kinds of documentation: product documentation, training and e-learning content, marketing collateral, business documentation and rules, wikis and knowledge base content, etc.

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How does Scripto use DITA?

We have entirely integrated the standard in our own authoring and publishing process. We virtually design all documentation for our customers according to DITA, XML-based or not. We often restructure existing documentation into the DITA model.

In addition, we unite our DITA expertise and best practices in the form of training and advice. Or you could wade through dozens of white papers, presentations and webinars yourself. The question is whether you have got the time, and whether you will get an answer to your questions. Probably not, so we can offer you:

  • The DITA Starter Pack
  • DITA Coaching
  • DITA Training

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