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Is your documentation as important as your core business? At Scripto, your documentation is our core business!

Why a technical writer?

Anyone can write! Right? So why not write your own documentation? After all, you know your product/business like no one else. Absolutely, but have you considered the following:

  • A technical writer is the first real ‘user’, he looks at your product or service from a different angle and at the same time serves as an excellent user experience tester. Valuable feedback guaranteed!
  • Documentation is an integral part of your product/service and ensures that it is properly used.
  • Writing documentation requires particular skills, specialized knowledge and expertise. It is our core business. Moreover, we closely monitor technological developments to offer you the most suitable future-proof approach.
  • Professional documentation, written by our experienced technical writers, provides an added value to your product, your process description, your standard operating procedures (SOPs), your policies and procedures, your knowledge database, etc.
  • Our technical writers deliver quality documentation which can effectively boost your sales. Furthermore, they ensure that your documentation is available through various channels and media. Would you like your audience to access your documentation on your website, or on a smartphone or tablet in addition to the more customary PDF manual? No problem, Scripto makes it happen!

Why Scripto?

How about this:

  • You can count on a team of professional writers who use a proven methodology, which merges effortlessly with your documentation.
  • You benefit from the unique and efficient approach of our DITA experts, which will save you both time and expenses.
  • You can leave the writing of documentation to us or we can teach you how to get started yourself.
  • You get the best advice thanks to our many years of experience in a wide range of industries in which we have streamlined documentation processes and implemented documentation solutions.
  • Did you know that most of our staff has gained over 10 years of experience in their field? This opens up a unique opportunity for you to create the best documentation possible.
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